Anyone can bring a bag of chips to a party. Don’t be that guy (or gal).

Instead, show your friends and family you know how to party by bringing the big guns: We’re talking soft pretzels and nuggets by the dozens, hundreds or even thousands.

Whether you need 12 soft pretzels because you got on the boss's bad side this week or need 1,000 nuggets to impress your kids' friends, we have what it takes to fill your pretzel party needs.

Win your special event by hiring York City Pretzel Company for your next York, Pa., catering event. We offer the following awesome-tasting goodness (dips included):

  • signature soft pretzels;

  • signature pretzel nuggets;

  • cinnamon sugar nuggets;

  • slider deli sandwich trays;

  • soft pretzel sandwich trays;
    and much more.

We’re not your traditional York, Pa., caterer, so if you want your side dish to stand out at your next shindig, you know who to contact.

Heads up

Because we are a small-batch bakery and it takes time to create the best-tasting pretzel products around, please give us as much notice as possible, and we'll try and work with you as best we can.

All online orders require 24 hours notice. Need it faster? Contact us or call 717-467-3556 to order.