York City Pretzel Company Launches Revolutionary Pretzels

York City Pretzel Company announces the official launch of their new brand of seasoned hard pretzel pieces: Revolutionary Pretzels by York City Pretzel Company.

The launch of this new product marks the large-scale production and distribution of the four flavors of Revolutionary Pretzels to grocery stores, beer distributors and other specialty stores across the region and beyond. The pretzels can also be ordered online and shipped: www.revolutionarypretzels.com.

“Sure, we use a century-old pretzel recipe, but our pretzels are anything but ordinary,” says Philip Given, president of York City Pretzel Company. “We’re making the best seasoned hard pretzels around. Our core group of boldly seasoned hard pretzels, including Parmesan Crab and Smokehouse Chipotle, are carefully crafted to earn the most discerning snacker’s stamp of approval.”

Revolutionary Pretzels are sold in 7oz bags.
SRP is $3.50.
12 packs per case.

The four core Revolutionary Pretzel flavors include:

Honey Mustard: Generous chunks of our Original Pretzel Pieces slathered in tangy honey mustard goodness. As you savor each crunch, you’ll notice the subtle hints of garlic and onion. It’s sweet meets heat meets savory and it’s all happening in your mouth.

Smokehouse Chipotle: You know the scent that fills the air at a summer barbecue? We’ve found a way to put it on our pretzels and kick it up a notch. Heady and hickory-smoked with a hint of brown sugar and surprising chipotle heat. Consider them pit pretzels. No grill required.

Parmesan Crab: These pretzels go beyond your run-of-the-mill crab snack. We’ve taken your favorite crab dip appetizer and put it in a pretzel. Sweet and succulent crab swimming in savory, nutty parmesan and sprinkled with distinctive Maryland crab seasoning. Sharing not necessary.

Wasabi Ginger: Put down the chopsticks; your favorite sushi sides are now in a pretzel. The hot, horseradishey wasabi meets warm, aromatic ginger for the perfect state of umami in your mouth. It’s slightly soy and totally snackable.

Revolutionary Pretzels will be distributed by Rising Tide Distribution: www.risingtidedistribution.com.

York City Pretzel Company opened their doors as a soft pretzel bakery at 39 West Market Street in downtown York on December 5, 2014. Since that time, the company has grown to include wholesale soft pretzel and pretzel roll sales, fundraising and the production of seasoned hard pretzel pieces.

Less than three months after opening, the restaurant-rating service Zagat claimed that York City Pretzel Company’s “signature twists alone are almost worth the trip out” from Philadelphia.