The Pretzel

This isn’t your ordinary pretzel. We dug deep into the German roots of the Central Pennsylvania region to offer the taste of an authentic soft pretzel.

York City Pretzel Company’s soft pretzels offer a more traditional pretzel that’s packed with a fluffy inside, crusty outside and warm-hearted goodness.

The ingredients are simple. We add flour, water, yeast, salt, brown sugar and butter to create our dough each morning. Sneak in early enough and you get a whiff of that fresh-baked aroma from the in-house oven.

That unique twist in the middle doesn’t happen on its own. It takes a skilled pretzel master (that’s why we hired one of our own – head baker Evan Speelman) to get it just right.

If you’re looking for a comforting snack or you want to impress the masses with a few for a party, our soft pretzels are sure to please.

Pretzel enhancements

While York City Pretzel Company’s soft pretzels can easily stand on their own, there’s nothing wrong with complementing them with a delicious dip or two. Or three.

Beer cheese dip: Our famous house beer cheese is made with a rotating selection of the area's finest in seasonal and unique brews. What's better than the combination of beer, cheese and pretzels? We can't think of anything.

Sprecher Spicy Brown Beer Mustard: Want something with a little kick? Try Sprecher's Spicy Brown Beer Mustard. The combination of Sprecher's Special Amber beer with honey, horseradish, white wine and a unique spice blend make an unforgettable mustard that's the perfect companion to our soft pretzels, pretzel dogs or on a pretzel sandwich.

Sprechers Root Beer Mustard: A root beer mustard? You heard us. Who would have thought the sweet hint of Sprecher Root Beer mixed with tangy mustard could make you weak in the knees? Give it a shot. You’ll fall in love. Made with the famous Sprecher Root Beer we have on tap, you'll also pick up notes of Wisconsin honey, brown sugar and spices that make this condiment ideal for dipping nuggets or dousing an entire pretzel in this sweet sauce.

All the extras

You know about the pretzel. You know about the dips. Now here’s some of what else we offer:

Pretzel nuggets: If you've already fallen for our signature pretzel, you'll want to order our soft and pillowy pretzel nuggets. Order them in the same style as our original German pretzel with one of our tantalizing dip options, or grab the cinnamon sugar-covered nuggets and dip them in a healthy dose of our sweet vanilla frosting.

Hard pretzels: Our crunchy hard pretzels are becoming a snack-time favorite. Each pretzel flavor – whether you prefer the sweetness of Chocolate Cinnamon, the kick of Wasabi Ginger or the bite of Parmesan Crab – is carefully crafted to be like no pretzel you’ve experienced before.

Lunch at York City Pretzel Company: Check back frequently to see our many lunch options. Our piled-high-with-tasty-meat pretzel sandwiches are the perfect grab-and-go meal for anyone in downtown York.

Wash it all down: If all this tasty talk is making you thirsty, wash down that doughy goodness with root beer from a keg. That’s right, we serve Sprecher Root Beer on draft.

We also offer a selection of bottled Sprecher Brewery’s Craft Sodas that you can drink in-house or take home for later. If something sweeter tempts your palate, our pink lemonade is the perfect companion to any pretzel.

And for the customer who needs a strong punch of caffeine, we also serve freshly brewed Gerhart Coffee Company coffee.